Is it safe to drink raw milk?


Raw milk

Milk has long been known to be a super healthy drink. The high content of vitamins and various nutrients found in it can improve the overall health of your body. This is what makes people want to consume milk directly when it is still raw. Because they think that the cooking process is able to reduce most of the nutrient content in it.

But is it actually safe is drink raw milk?

According to a research reported from, it was revealed that milk contains harmful E. coli bacteria. So, we need cooking or pasteurization process to kill bacteria and germs contained in milk. In addition pasteurization kills certain enzymes so that people who are intolerant to milk can drink it.

“You can not possibly know the food quality of the animals that produce milk. It may be that the grass they eat contain certain bacteria that can affect the quality of milk. While pasteurization process is able to minimize the adverse effects of this,” wrote the study.