Is it safe to eat tuna every day?


Is it safe to eat tuna every day

Tuna is known to contain many nutrients and proteins, and fatty acids that nourish the body. But on the other hand, researchers also revealed that many tuna contain mercury which can be dangerous and cause poisoning. Then, is tuna safe to eat every day?

According Micharl Gochfeld, MD, Ph.D., a researcher at the Environmental and Occupational Health Science Institute, it depends on each individual. For a single individual it is likely to be safe to eat tuna every day, while for others they can be poisoned by eating the same amount tuna.

“For some people eating tuna every day can be a safe thing. However, some people may experience symptoms of poisoning by eating tuna in the same amount every day,” he said, as reported by Men’s health (20/10).

According Gochfeld, one must balance the benefits of eating tuna with the risk of mercury poisoning. One must know the state of their bodies and their sensitivity to mercury. It will determine whether they can eat tuna every day safely or not.

According to the FDA, almost all foods from the sea contain mercury. But the question is the extent to which mercury can be tolerated by the body. Until now, no one knows when it can be destructive because it is different for each person. But if you want to decide whether it is safe to eat tuna every day watch these two facts:

1. Fish is good for you
The study found that eating fish is good for the body. Eating fish can reduce the risk of heart disease, stroke, obesity, cognitive impairment, depression, cancer, inflammation, and asthma. Avoid eating fish means you’ll skip all those benefits.

2. The risk of mercury poisoning have been greatly exaggerated
Mercury can indeed cause problems with the development of the nervous system in fetuses and infants. But eating less fish containing mercury will not cause poisoning. You have to eat a lot of mercury to be poisoned.