Is it true that electric cigarette is able to cure addiction to smoking?


Is it true that electric cigarette is able to cure addiction to smoking

In recent times, the trend of electric cigarette smoking with extremely high. Electric cigarette is almost the same as you smoke the shisha and remove water vapor that looks like smoke. Because it claimed to be healthy, then the use of electric cigarette is very high. But is it electric cigarette is really able to cure addiction to cigarettes?

The study, reported by found that 1 in 10 smokers electrically meet success to quit smoking about 1 year later after they switch to using an electric cigarette.

“How to stop while as if smoke is able to make the cigarette addicts feel not too difficult to stop this habit. Because they feel that this practice is not totally disconnected but slowly. This was felt lighter than using anti-nicotine patches or completely quit smoking, “said Professor Peter Hajek, the authors of this study from the UK Centre for Tobacco and Alcohol studies at QMUL, England.

Another study conducted at the University of College London also supported this research. “Even the more traditional types of electric cigarette is used, then the opportunity to quit smoking even reach the percentage of 50%,” said Professor Robert West, researchers from this university.

Although useful, the presence of electric cigarette is also not free from controversy. Some countries such as Norway, Brazil, and Singapore have banned the sale of cigarettes. Because the researchers from these countries considered that the electric cigarette harm health because it makes smokers only inhale noxious fumes. In addition, there are also concerns that young people who do not smoke will begin to try to smoke passing electric cigarette as a prefix.