Is It True that Stress Doesn’t Cause Acne?



You would start blaming everything when red bumps, blackheads and acne start growing on your face. The worst is you may even blame your mother’s genes. It is the perfect time to stop the misconceptions, understanding about acne and find the right ways to treat yours. Acne is caused by oils, bacteria and hormones, not the pizza you ate or the fact that your mother or father had acne when they were young. It is not contagious, so no one can catch it from you nor can you catch it from a friend.

Stress is one thing that most people, both young and old, thinks could cause acne. This is a misconception too. Scientist has found that there is no link between the amount of stress a person faces and the appearance of acne. Stop thinking that because you are stressed about homework and a big test coming up you are going to be stuck with acne. It just doesn’t work this way. So avoiding homework to prevent acne can no longer be an excuse.

Although acne is caused by bacteria, which makes it a health problem, it can also be an emotional problem. Acne can cause emotions to go into overdrive, especially if having acne is something you consider horrible instead of an inconvenience. Emotionally, it may leave you feeling less confident and insecure. You may feel ugly and think everyone is staring at you. This is not true, but you may feel that way, that is a common thing that people is getting too sensitive when they are having acne on their face. The best way to avoid this is to learn all about acne and to do everything you can to have healthy skin. Take action and feel confident that you are a wonderful person, whether you have acne or not.Think positive and you’ll find the way out of your problem.