Is Your Diet too Extreme? Here Are the Signs


Extreme dietIf you are currently on a diet, you should be aware of how you perform you diet. It is better to a healthy diet than an extreme one which might even harm your health. Well, you ask yourself whether you always think of food and eating while you’re doing your diet. If you do think of foods, then it could be a sign that your diet is too extreme. 

There are actually many signs that you are performing an extreme diet. We found on womenshealth, that there are at least six signs of extreme diet. For those of you who trying to lose a couple of pounds then you should know the signs below, in order to avoid extreme and unhealthy diet.

1. Always feel weak
When you perform a strict diet, then you also restrict all foods you consume. As a result you do not provide the energy needed by your body so you also will feel weak. Ideally, women need at least 1,200 to 1,400 calories per day.

2. Always thinking about food
If you always have food and eating on your mind every day when you are dieting, then it is a sign that the diet you are doing is quite extreme. Because you do not provide the right foods for your body and let your body starve.

3. You become a picky eater
Extreme diet also makes you become a picky eater . You are always busy to count the calories from the food you eat. As a result, you become to afraid to eat foods.

4. You experience sleep problems
Diets that are too extreme also makes you lack nutrients that will affect your sleep. You will feel restless during bedtime.

5. You do not socialize well
Diet that is too extreme can have a negative impact on your social life. You avoid social activities to gather with friends because you are afraid to eat foods or even to drink coffee. You are afraid it will make your body fat.

6. You experience mood swings
You all know how it is when you feel hungry and how it affects your emotional state. When you feel too hungry you could easily experience mood swings. These emotional changes are often experienced by those who performs a strict diet.

So, do you experience the above symptoms? Those are the signs that you could be doing an extreme diet. If you experience it , immediately stop your diet and switch to a healthier diet, Good luck!

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