It Only Needs 7 Seconds for Nicotine to Get to the Brain


smoking nicotine dangerNicotine is a substance that is released when a person smokes. Apparently the time required by nicotine to go from the lungs to the brain is only 7 seconds.

One of the most widely misused drug is nicotine, which can come from smoking or chewing tobacco. In addition, nicotine is also one of the most addictive substances compared with other drugs.

According to BBC News, nicotine’s ‘journey’ from the lungs to the brain is fairly fast which is just 7 seconds. After reaching the brain nicotine stimulates the release of dopamine, an important neurotransmitter involved in mood, appetite and other brain functions.

When a person smokes, the nicotine will enter and begin to accumulate in the body. Eventually someone will get used to nicotine, and if they do not get the same amount then the body will ask for more. And usually the amount of nicotine which enters are greater or increased.

Nicotine Users can quickly become dependence, because it takes only a few cigarettesĀ  make a person addicted. If a person suddenly stops smoking, then he will have the a reversal effect, such as anxiety and mood swings.

As a pure drug, nicotine only have little bad effect for one’s physical health. But other chemical substances contained in cigarettesĀ  joined with nicotine is what can cause much damage to the body. Because when a cigarette is burned and smoked, then there are hundreds of chemical compounds produced which are a great risk to health.

Nicotine was originally discovered by the French ambassador, Jean Nicot in the mid XIV century. People believed that nicotine is a drug. Half a century later, the dangers of nicotine to the body was found, but only a few people could say no to nicotine.