IVF born children have autism risk?


IVF born children have autism riskA recent study says that IVF children are at risk of developing autism.

According to a research from King’s College London’s Institute of Psychiatry, the good news is that the risk of mental disorder is still relatively low.

As quoted from Red Orbit, the study was based on data from the year 1982-2007 that involved 2.5 million births in Sweden. Researchers also analyzed whether the children were diagnosed with autism or intellectual disabilities.

The result showed that as many as 1.2 percent of children were born from IVF. Autism is also found in 1.5 percent of children born through IVF.

Researchers also added that if the fetal outcome of IVF was born prematurely, the risk of children suffering from autism increases.

“It is important for parents who choose the path of IVF to maintain health of the fetus in the womb until birth. Because some IVF procedures can increase the risk of autism,” said study author Dr. Avi Reichenberg.

The results of the study were subsequently published in the Journal of the American Medical Association.