Joining the choir is as healthy as yoga


Joining the choir is as healthy as yogaFor some people, following the choir can be a hobby or their career path. However, research shows that singing in the choir can provide health benefits.

Researchers found that when singing in the choir, the singers do not simply equate the tone but also heart rate. Scientists assume that this is due to the coordination of breath from the singer.

Singing in a choir is also known to help the body to control breathing and regulate heartbeat. Melody and musical structure is also directly related to the activity of the heart of the singer.

“Songs with long phrases help someone achieve the same effect with breathing exercises in yoga exercise,” said Dr. Bjorn Vickhoff, lead researcher, as reported by the Metro (08/07).

It is found in a research after they observed 15 choir singers when they sang a different tune. A slow song is gives the highest alignment. In addition, Vickhoff also found that singing can help people cope with breathing difficulties.

Now researchers will conduct further studies to see how music can affect the biological body.