Jumping Can Make Your Bones Strong


jump healthThere are many things you can do in order to have strong and solid bone structure, one of the easiest ways to achieve it is by jumping.

Yes, you can improve bone strength by jumping repeatedly which is done regularly every week.

A recent study found that jumping on a regular basis as a part of exercise can increase the density (mass) of bones, especially in adults, according to the New York Times.

A study conducted in Japan reported that bone mass will increase after jumping as much as 40 times per week.

While another study conducted by Christian Snow of Oregon State University and was reported in the Journal of Gerontology sayas: Medical Sciences in 2000 found women with adequate bone mass and who jumps as much as 50 times a day gets a significant increase in bone mass over a period of five years.

And if it is done by regular mixture of exercises, it can improve bone density even more. The mixture of exercises here is to do a squat and bend your knees and sit and rise from a chair.

This exercise can strengthen the body before making a leap. Other activities associated with higher bone mass in elderly women is fast walking.

Jumping on a regular basis also have other benefits for the body, which is improving balance. With a good balance of the body, a person can avoid falling, which will provide better stability and help reduce pain from arthritis.

Strong bones can help protect vital organs in the body and maintain muscle health. Generally, there are a few things which could be a risk factor for bone mass loss, such as low calcium consumption, less physical exercise, aging, alcohol and tobacco, having a high thyroid level, family history of osteoporosis, Caucasian or use of certain drugs.