Junk Food Consumption Causes Dementia?


junk food can cause dementiaHow often do you eat junk food? From now on, you’ll want to leave this kind of foods. Studies conducted recently said that excessive consumption of junk food will not only make you fat, but can also cause dementia or deterioration of memory.

According to the Daily Mail, this is because junk food instantly can raise blood pressure and cholesterol. This condition will interfere with the blood supply to the brain and blood insulin.

Especially in patients with type 2 diabetes, a common disease caused by the consumption of unhealthy food, the higher the risk of dementia.

Different types of junk food makes the body  cells become resistant to insulin, the insulin which is supposed to be used to convert sugar into energy. Insulin also is needed for by the brain for the power of memory and the ability to think.

Besides that, insulin also works to strengthen the relationship between brain cells, keeping blood vessels to keep blood and oxygen supply to the brain, to improve the ability to think and remember.

The study was conducted on rats given chemical substance, like as used in junk food. Its function is to stop the insulin hormone. “The rodents became senile, can not remember,” said a researcher from Brown University in the United States, Suzanne de la Monte.

This study also indicates if the calories contained in junk food can damage the body’s response to insulin, which will eventually poison the brain. Previously, it was also known that junk food can lower child’s IQ.