Kidney Disease is often Accompanied by Hearing Loss


Kidney Disease Hearing LossBecause its function is different, kidneys and ears seems unrelated. But on elderly, kidney disease are often accompanied by serious hearing problems.

At the age of 50 years and over, chronic hearing loss are experienced by 54 per cent of kidney disease patients which are not too severe. Severe hearing loss are experienced by the other 30 percent.

In most of those who experience it, the disorder must be felt when listening to sound with a low decibel level. For example, when overhearing a conversation that is not too loud, or listen to people whispering.

However, Dr. David Harris of Sydney Medical School who led the study denied kidney disease can cause deaf. Although proven there was a relationship, but can not be concluded as a causal relationship.

Hearing loss is thought to be triggered by treatment of kidney disease. Several types of drugs used could affect the functions of hearing.

Previously, several studies have indeed revealed a relationship between kidney disease with hearing loss. But in the researches, the relationship is very small and are rare conditions.

Dr Harris’ research this time confirms the existence of the relationship, especially in elderly aged over 50 years. In this study, the relationship of kidney disease with ear health is not considered rare.

The percentage of hearing loss due to kidney disease is comparatively high. In general, the disorder is experienced by 18 per cent of the adult population of Americans aged 45-64 years.

“Patients with kidney disease should also check their hearing. If  hearing problems is detected quickly give special treatment,” said Dr Harris, according to Reuters.