Know 11 Signs of Depression


Depression SymptomsThe condition of depression if untreated in a long term can be fatal. The most worrying thing is, the desire to commit suicide.

Because of that, you need to know whether you actually suffer from acute depression or just a plain stress. The difference can be seen from both the duration and the pressure.

For depression, usually the duration could reach more than two weeks, and the pressure is higher so they can cause a person difficult to perform daily activities.

Here are 11 symptoms of depression that should be known, according to care2. If you or the people closest to you experience it, you should immediately consult with a psychologist or psychiatrist, to avoid things that are not wanted.

1. Constantly feel restless, anxious, and empty.

2. Feeling hopeless, worthless, not helped, and lost of confidence.

3. Often cries suddenly.

4. Pain sensitivity, emotion and anxiety increased.

5. Always feeling tired and lack of energy.

6. Losing interest in hobbies and favorites which used to be entertaining.

7. Difficult in concentrating, remembering details and making decisions.

8. Sleeping too much or otherwise not get enough sleep.

9. Loss of appetite or otherwise, eating too much.

10. Have expressed a desire or at least thought of ending life or suicide.

11. Pain such as headaches, cramps, digestive problems which are continuous. But medical treatment is not effective enough to overcome them.