Know 3 types of hugs and its benefits for the body



Hugs can be a very fun and even more intimate than sex. Because when hugged, you let your body and soul united with a partner. Not only that, when you can embrace even feel comfortable and safe because you feel protected. Especially if you do the arms together with loved ones.

As reported yourtango, hug turns to have different types like the example below.

1.Needy hugs
This kind of hug we will be your body feels completely empty and you need something to fill it. And the arms can be example. A hug when you’re sad, feeling alone, and stress are able to fill your soul. This hug will make you feel strong, comfortable, and safe. The embrace of this kind can also make you become stronger.

Not only with couples, hugs needy could also do with parents, friends, relatives, even your pet. You will feel loved when doing this type of hug.

2.Sexual hugs
During intercourse, can not hug you avoid. Hugs to charge your energy in your body and your partner. With a couple hugging during sex even more and make you really feel loved.

3.Loving hugs
There are many health benefits that you can get by doing loving hugs. Hugs are based feelings of love you are so big on a person or an object. When two people love each other and do embrace this kind, it will grow a great energy to strengthen them both.

A hug is not only reassuring feeling, but also can provide many health benefits for your body. So, do not hesitate to hug those you love and care about.

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