Know 6 signs of smartphone addiction


signs of smartphone addictionThe development of technology not always gives a positive impact for mankind. Because apparently some of us are just too addicted to gadgets. If you want to know if are also included as a smartphone addict, recognize the signs as quoted from the Huffington Post below.

Must hurry to respond
If there are any incoming text message or email, smartphone addicts must respond quickly. Because if not, they will feel anxious and will not be able to concentrate.

Phantom Cellphone Syndrome
Phantom Cellphone Syndrome is a syndrome that is often felt by smartphone addicts. They often feel vibration when the smartphone is placed in their pocket, when actually there are no incoming calls or text.

Afraid to fall behind
Do you feel afraid to miss the latest news on social media networks if you do not access it for a few moments? If so, you may also be included as people who are addicted to smartphones.

Do not care
During dinner with the family, smartphone addicts will not socialize with others and will be busy with their gadgets. This attitude is also included as smartphone addiction.

When you forget to bring your smartphone, do you feel anxious and could not concentrate on anything else? If so, you are included as a smartphone addict. Because a type of person who is addicted to smartphones have to always bring their gadgets everywhere.

Poor performance
The latest sign of smartphone addiction is a decrease in performance, either in school or in the workplace. This occurs because addicts are just busy and only focus on their smartphone, not their duty or obligation.

Those are some sign of smartphone addiction. Are you experiencing these signs?

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