Know Cholesterol Levels From Your Eye



The eye is one organ that can show feeling and content of a person’s emotions. Not only the emotional content that could be seen, because the levels of cholesterol a person has can also be seen from the eye.

Cholesterol is a word that is most feared by most people. Because high cholesterol can trigger heart attacks, high blood pressure, blood vessel disease and retinal vein occlusion.

Therefore the eye can also be a window that shows the condition of one artery. If too much cholesterol that accumulate on artery walls and form a thick plaque, it can cause retinal vein occlusion when there is a blockage in blood flow to and from the eye.

Retinal arteries are narrowed or blocked by cholesterol can block the connection between the optic nerve and brain. If this is allowed to continue it will cause a blood clot, then suddenly can cause vision loss without pain.

According to a study published in the Archives of Ophthalmology, people who have high cholesterol have a risk 2.5-fold higher retinal vein occlusion affected than people of low or low cholesterol levels.

To prevent a person can know whether their cholesterol is high or normal through eye examinations. As quoted from DiscoveryHealth, through eye examination, it can be seen the following characteristics:

1. Corneal arcus, which is a ring of white or light gray around the edge of the cornea. This shows there are deposits of fat and cholesterol in the eye. Although often seen in people who are old, but young people should not ignore this. If this condition is found, then someone is suggested to conduct further examination of cholesterol.

2. Hollenhorst plaque, namely the existence of small pieces of fatty material (cholesterol) derived from the fault of fat in the blood vessel wall and went to the eye. This plaque can lead to retinal vein occlusion and shows the serious problems that need further handling.

In addition to cholesterol problems, a person’s eyes can also indicate the health condition of the owner. Hence the eye is an important part of the body that can reveal many things.

Several health conditions can also be seen from the eyes as if there is optic nerve swelling and blood in the eyes can be an early indication of brain tumors.

If optic nerve is pale and swollen it shows multiple sclerosis. Diabetes can also be seen from the weakening eyesight, eyes dull show an unhealthy condition of the body while the eyes are bright and clean showing the condition of good health.

Because of that,  regular eye examinations are not only useful to see if someone still has a normal eyesight or not, but to check the overall condition of the eye so they can know the condition of their health.