Know diabetes mellitus closer


Today, diabetes has been considered to be a diseases due to lifestyle in the 21st century. It is very important to know more closely about this disease. Diabetes mellitus is one of the types of diabetes. What is diabetes mellitus like, and what is the difference with ordinary diabetes? Check out the explanation according to Health Me Up.

First of all, diabetes mellitus and diabetes are the same thing. It’s just that we usually refer diabetes mellitus as ‘diabetes’. Diabetes mellitus is a condition where blood glucose and high blood sugar levels. In some cases, diabetic patients also fail to produce insulin to bring glucose to the cells to make energy.

There are two types of diabetes mellitus, which are:

1. Diabetes mellitus type 1
Type-1 diabetes is diabetes obtained from the offspring. The disease is due to the state of the body’s insulin-dependent. In addition, this type of diabetes usually have been known since childhood due to a lack of insulin production in the body.

2. Diabetes mellitus type-2
This type of diabetes is caused by poor lifestyle such as eating less healthy foods, passive lifestyles , or weight gain. This type of diabetes is not caused by a lack of insulin production, but by the lack of effective performance of insulin in the body.

Diabetes mellitus can lead to many other health complications such as abnormalities in the eyes, heart, kidneys, legs, and pregnancy. So far the researchers found that a healthy diet and an active lifestyle can prevent diabetes mellitus.