Know Nine Important Benefits of Running


Important Benefits of RunningJogging or running has long been known as one of the exercise that is free of cost and at the same time has good quality. Therefore, this exercise can be done anywhere and by all ages.

But not many know that running can also bring many benefits to you. No need to spend lots of money to maintain the physical quality. In addition to improving the health, running is also believed to be able to extend your age.

Here are some other benefits of running, as quoted in Female First:

1. Free of charge.
Surely this is one exercise that does not spend much money. Unlike going to the gym, running or jogging can be done anywhere, such as parks, complex around the house, or even in the house though.

2. Socializing.
Jogging takes you to meeting new people. While jogging, you can also get information or simply exchange ideas.

3. Reduce pressure.
Those who exercise regularly, are relatively free from blood pressure problems. But for those who have problems with blood pressure, jogging can reduce blood pressure and prevent cholesterol.

4. Burn fat.
This exercise helps burn calories in the body. In other words, jogging also help increase your metabolism.

5. Energy boost.
Generally, all exercises or sports can boost energy. However, with a routine jogging at least once a day helps keep you away from fatigue.

6. Improving self-confidence.
Basically not only appearance from the outside only. With this exercise, of course, you can create beauty within yourself. One of which is increasing confidence. This is because when you run, you meet more people.

7. Avoid stress.
Apparently jogging can keep you out of the pressure or stress. This is because the serotonin levels in the brain increases, which then creates a calmer mind.

8. Improving memory.
Running can improve brain performance. It could help maintain the sharpness of mind and reduce the symptoms of dementia.

9. Longevity.
This efficacy running is not something new in the world of exercise. Some researchers have conducted a study and the results showed that those who exercise regularly have longer life compared to those who never ran.

In order to maximize the results, you should wear regular running shoes and appropriate clothing.

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