Know the 10 signs of obsessive compulsive disorder!


obsessive compulsive disorderObsessive compulsive disorder  (OCD) is a disorder characterized by negative thoughts that make people feel anxious, scared, and worried. So as to eliminate the anxiety, there is excessive obsession of the patient.

Do you also suffer from obsessive compulsive disorder? Try to identify the signs, as reported by ABC News as following.

Wash hands
Obsession to wash your hands immediately are performed by OCD sufferers for fear of disease caused by bacteria and germs. In addition, patients with acute OCD usually will also remain concerned about the dangers of germs after washing hands.

Too clean
Not just washing hands, all the smells with hygiene, such as washing dishes, clothes, or the room is also a burden thoughts of OCD sufferers. As a result, they spend hours and hours to clean it all up.

Have a habit of double-checking whether the door is locked or not? Actually it’s a good habit of double-checking, but if to cause anxiety it is not done, it means you are positive OCD.

Some OCD sufferers like to calculate the pattern of daily activities, such as the number of steps. Habits are driven by certain beliefs, for example if they count up the number seven, then they will get luck.

Everything should be put, and trimmed according to the number, color, or symmetrical. If it all falls apart, people with OCD will instantly feel anxious and unsettled.

Fear of being hurt
Each person would be afraid and worried if something bad happened to them. However, people with OCD over trying hard to dispel such thoughts out of their head compared to normal people.

OCD sufferers generally difficult to accept things that are not sure about the relationship. So most of them often think about small misunderstandings that can damage the relationship.

Seeking solace
When people feel so cornered already OCD about things that went wrong in the vicinity, they will begin to seek comfort from friends or family. For example, ask, “Is all this normal? Does everything no problem?”

Personal appearance
Meanwhile, body dysmorphic disorder (BDD) is also associated with OCD. BDD sufferers often find themselves not perfect appearance. However, different from an eating disorder, people with BDD do not focus on a strict diet.

Those are various signs of OCD. Do you also have these signs? If so, do not be embarrassed to seek the help of a medical expert as soon as possible.