Know the Cause and Learn to Overcome Stiff Neck


muscle pain after exercise

Do you often experience pain and stiffness in the neck, if so you need to learn to overcome stiff neck. This condition is  generally often experienced by many people and you probably want to know what are the stiff neck cause.

Especially office workers where almost all their activities are done at the table and dealing with computers.

You can also get this from incorrect posture during sleep, so that when you wake up you feel pain and stiffness on the neck.

So what actually are the stiff neck cause? Neck pain or stiffness is usually caused by tension or muscle spasms caused by poor posture or a minor injury.

You will suffer from a stiff neck if you sit at the computer for a long time or wake up with a stiff neck if you sleep restless.

Pain can be felt up to the head, shoulders, arms, or upper back.

Pain and stiffness can also be caused by an injury, arthritis in the spine or other diseases.

Here are some tips to overcome stiff neck, as reported by verywell:

1. Stop using a backpack that is too heavy

Improving lifestyles is particularly relevant for students who often use a very heavy backpack.

One alternative is to replace heavy textbooks by having a digital version.

2. Stop putting bags on only one shoulder

Putting your bags on one shoulder affects posture and muscles.

3. Stop placing your phone on your shoulders when taking calls

Placing your phone on one shoulder while you use them is another cause of tension in your neck and shoulder muscles.

4. Do not hesitate to see a doctor

If you’re experiencing a stiff neck along with a fever, this could be a sign that you need immediate medical attention.

They are usually a symptom of infection, so that when they perform together, chances are that you have an infection like meningitis.

In fact, if not treated early, some types of meningitis can cause death or severe damage, including hearing loss.

Headache, nausea, vomiting, night sweats and insomnia are other symptoms that may need medical attention.

So those are some tips to overcome stiff neck, hopefully this article can be useful for you, good luck!