Know The Cause of Women Experiencing Sudden Increase in Weight



Weight gain does not always come from what you eat. There are many factors that cause obesity that are more unpredictable.

Weight loss generally increases when calories that are burned by the body during activities are less than calories taken in from food consumed.

But in addition to food, there are many factors that also affect metabolism and body weight.

So, what are these factors? Here’s a review, as reported by Today.

1. Become a cardio queen

Many women do cardio and think they are burning a lot of calories but in reality, this is not an effective way to lose weight and build muscle.

Instead of doing cardio for 30 minutes or an hour, combine cardio with strength training.

When cardio is combined with strength training, you can burn more calories and fat, keep the heart rate remain strong and build muscle mass, it is all done at the same time.

According to the study, cardio becomes very effective for weight loss when combined with strength training.

2. Eating while working

If you eat in front of a computer screen, your attention is not fully focused on the food, so you risk yourself to overeating.

Studies show that eating consciously is the key to weight maintenance and weight loss.

3. Not paying attention to portions

Speaking chewing while working or snacking, you should remain aware and control portion of snacks in your mouth.

Because by focusing a little more attention on how much food eaten, you will lose weight much more easily.

4. No need for peanut butter

Adding peanut butter into a smoothie is a great way to add protein.

However, if you are using protein powder and peanut butter and you’re trying to lose weight, you may not be aware that a serving of peanut butter contains on average about 150 calories.

In fact, some smoothies that are considered healthy actually contains nearly 1,000 calories which is twice the size of a meal.

If you already use protein powder in your smoothies, you can eliminate peanut butter.