Know The Factors That Triggers Osteoporosis


Osteoporosis triggersThe risk of osteoporosis does increase with age. After the age of 30, bone density is reduced or experience thinning. Substance in the bone will dissolve in the body.

So overall, you will lose bone strength each year. This will further increased when the age reaches 45 years old.

In women, thinning is triggered by the fewer hormone estrogen produced. While in men, it is because of decreased testosterone.

According to health, the female hormone estrogen is actually served to protect against bone loss. Decrease in estrogen not only occurs in women who have entered menopause, but also in those who have irregular menstrual cycles because the ovaries does not work properly.

This bone loss is not only caused by physical inactivity and lack of vitamins for bones. Many other factors also cause osteoporosis in both men and women.

– Osteoporosis can also be genetically inherited. Consider whether your family has a history of it. If they have, fill in the prevention of bone nutrients.

– Your lifestyle also determines whether you will experience osteoporosis or not. In those who smoke they will experience bone loss faster than those who do not smoke. Likewise, alcohol can lower immunity level of bone.

– Do you still provide time to exercise? For those who regularly exercise, bone strength will be stronger because it is trained. Perform light exercise such as brisk walking, running, lifting weights. Such exercises also increases the body’s equilibrium.

– In addition to the above factors, diet may also lead to osteoporosis because it allows the lacking intake of calcium and vitamin D.