Know the Healthy Sitting Position


healthy sitting positionA wrong sitting position can lead to posture problems which will have an impact on overall health. Find out how to sit down in a healthy position so it does not cause diseases.

“Sitting for long periods of time and done year after year could create declining circulation, slows metabolism, blood sugar imbalances and cause pressure on the balance of postural muscles,” said Dr. Helen Lee, DC, a practitioner and founder of Touch of Life Chiropractic in Hoffman Estates , Illinois, according to Sheknows.

Dr Lee said that it is not surprising if people who sits too much can lead to weight gain and poor health status. Because of that, people need to know and improve body posture. Well, here are some tips on healthy sitting posture.

1. Provide support on the waist
Chairs used must be able to help or do not cause pain when trying to sit down healthily. Dr Lee advised to sit in a chair with providing support to the waist. For example, by putting a small pillow at the waist and buttocks.

2. Develop a healthy sitting posture
The best chairs will not improve your posture if a person tends to bend, bent on a keyboard or sit with crossed legs.

For that try to do the following things while sitting:
– Put both feet flat on the floor with the knees slightly higher than hips.
– Place the elbow in a comfortable position on the side or rest your arm on the backrest that allows the shoulders to be relaxed.
– Keep shoulders parallel or not moving forward.
– Head looking straight ahead and your chin tilted slightly downward.
– Focus on the abdomen or belly breathing throughout the day to increase the oxygen and the body remains relaxed.

3. Keeping your body hydrated
Dehydration can make a person tired and tend to sit with more degenerate positions. For that keep the body well hydrated throughout the day.

4. Get up and move
Move on a regular basis or get up every 15-30 minutes to stretch muscles, move and breathe. If possible try to walk for a moment. This condition will increase the circulation and energy.

5. Check the condition of your bed
A person could spend 5-8 hours in bed in a day, so beds also have a significant effect on body posture.  Make sure that the bed has good support for the body.