Knowing The Major Causes of Heel Pain


Ankle and heel pain can be an aftermath of excessive use of high heels or narrow fitted shoes. In most of the cases, the patients experience the heel pain particularly at the bottom of the back of the heel. The doctors diagnose the pain occurring at the underneath of the heel, as a symptom of plantar fasciitis. If the feeling of pain is concentrated around the location, where the Achilles tendon is connected with the heel bone, possibly it is a sign of Achilles tendinitis.

Not that every time the pain is due to any severe injury but it can restrict your regular activities or create long-term discomfort that increase eventually. It is recommended that you consult a specialist doctor for heel pain treatment in Houston instead bearing it for long.

Heel pain is no specific disease but symptom or result of other diseases. The article will discuss the major causes that trigger pain and swelling in the heel.

1.Plantar fascists
This is very common among the sportsperson specially runners. Also, the overweight people tend to suffer from the same. It can be a result of regular use of ill-fitted shoes putting excessive pressure on the foot. In this, the band of tissue called planter fascia may swell and cause stabbing pain at very first step you take after waking up at morning. Usually after a few minutes, the pain may disappear but comes back if you stand at a same place for long.

2.Bone Spurs-
Bone spurs, the bony growth that mostly gets detected at the frontal heel bone, are not necessarily painful or uncomfortable. Usually people suffering from planter fascists are often diagnosed with bone spurs. If this is causing any sort of minor discomfort you can heal it with ice, arch supports etc. Doctors may prescribe painkillers or suggest you to have physical therapy. In rarest cases, doctors will perform a surgery to remove the spurs.

3.Stress Fractures-
People specially runners or basketball players who are involved in high impact spots are prone to suffer from it. Stress Fractures are small cracks mostly caused by frequent stress and overuse of foot. If someone is suffering from Osteoporosis, can be victim of the same due to feeble bones that can fracture easily. In most cases, such fractures occur in the lower leg bones that bear the entire body weight. Not only players, common people can also develop the same due to over exercise. The patients looking for Heel Pain Treatment Houston may also experience a gradual development of pain, swelling, and tenderness outside of the ankle increasing with regular activities.

4.Achilles Tendon Rupture –
Achilles tendon is one of the strongest tendons of our body attaching back of the calf muscles with the heel bones. Achilles tendon rupture may restrict the downward movement, as well as trigger acute pain and swelling near the back of the heel. Wearing high heels, not stretching before activities or sudden trauma often overstretches and tears the tendons partially or completely. People involved in intense activities like football, basketball. Running, dancing or gymnastic have tendency to suffer from the damage. In severe cases, podiatrists may perform a surgery to sew the torn edges of the tendons.

by Pauline Martin