Lack of exercise increase the risk of colon cancer


Lack of exercise increase the risk of colon cancerExcessive weight and lack of exercise makes a person more at risk of colon cancer, says a study. The more severe, and less exercise, the higher the risk of colon cancer.

This was found in a research at the fund-Farber Cancer Institute in Boston after analyzing body weight and physical activity of approximately 109,046 women every two years. The same observation was also conducted on 47,684 men.

After the last observation in June 2004, researchers found 2,263 cases of colon cancer in 842 men and 1421 women. They found that 861 colon cancer were influenced by molecular biomarker named CTNNB1. These molecules are associated with cancer, and obesity.

Through this analysis, the researchers also found an association between body mass index (BMI) and physical activity on the risk of colon cancer. The higher BMI a person has, the higher the level of negative CTNNB1 owned by that person. CTNNB1 negatively associated with an increased risk of colon cancer as much as 34 percent, said lead researcher Shuji Ogino, as reported by My Health News Daily (26/02).

In contrast, more physical activity a person does, the lower the risk of colon cancer. Some physical activities that can be done such as walking, jogging, running, cycling, swimming, tennis exercise, yoga, and more.

Previous research has shown that doing exercise and keeping your weight can lower the risk of colon cancer. However, no studies found  the cause. This study has found a biomarker molecules that causes it, the CTNNB1. Even so, the influence of negative CTNNB1 on colon cancer risk remains unclear.

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