Lack of Sleep Affect Selection of Food


lack of sleep cause the brain to choose unhealthy foodsLack of sleep not only causes people to become lazyduring the daytime, which makes us look like a mess. Black circles on the eyes, yawning repeatedly and rubbing eyes course would disturb work.

A recent study showed other effects. It was known that Lack of sleep can affect the brain, especially when choosing foods that are unhealthy.

Obesity Research Center in New York conducted a study to 25 participants who had normal weight. Alternately, they will be given time to sleep for nine hours and four hours. Then, participants were shown photos that are generally considered as healthy foods (fruits, vegetables, and wheat), and junk food (pizza, donuts, and candy).

The researchers found that when they choose their own food, which means they will consume an average of 300 calories per day, after dinner, with four hours of sleep quantity.

People who sleep less are more interested in unhealthy foods. This suggests that disruption activity in the frontal lobe and other brain regions associated with complex decision-making.

“When you lack sleep, you may make food choices that are not appropriate. Brain can no longer convince themselves that healthy food is the right choice” said a researcher at the University of California, Berkeley, Stephanie Greer, according to msnbc.

According to a psychologist at UC Berkeley, Michael Walker, the study did not look at a decision about what to eat by someone, but the idea of ??how people act on their desire for unhealthy food.

What about those who got a good night’s sleep? Of course they are also shown pictures of food and were asked to rate their desire in food. And the results are much different, they are not interested in unhealthy foods.

“These results explain how the brain becomes impaired due to lack of sleep, thus causing the selection of foods that tend to be unhealthy,” added Greer.

There are many adverse effects of lack of sleep for the human health. It was previously also known that lack of sleep triggers the risks of stroke. It was also known that lack of sleep can lead to heart disease.