Lack of Sleep Can be Deadly


Lack of Sleep can cause deathDeath for human is inevitable, sooner or later is just a matter of time. In relation to health, one of the factors that causes death to come faster is physical and mental fatigue due to sleep deprivation or lack of sleep.

According to AskMen, here are several deadly effects of sleep deprivation.

1. Traffic accidents
An estimated of 100,000 traffic accidents occurred within a year due to drowsy drivers, 15,000 of whom caused death. The main cause of drivers’ drowsiness while driving is fatigue from lack of sleep.

2. Work accident
Fatigue due to lack of sleep definitely affects performance in the workplace that can affect the development of a career or even loose jobs. Worse effects can occur when working with heavy equipment, because the risk is workplace accidents which can cause death.

3. Irritability, depression and then suicide
A quality sleep is also needed to be able to think clearly and relax. Lack of sleep can make a person irritable and feel sad, which if untreated can cause depression or the worst effects is suicide.

4. Obesity and heart attack
Unhealthy eating pattern is a major factor in triggering obesity, but sleep patterns also have an affect. Fatigue due to lack of sleep can hamper production of leptin or appetite-suppressing hormone, so eating portions can not be controlled. If the weight is out of control, the risk of heart attack can occur at any time.

5. Diabetes
Various studies have shown sleep deprivation causes impaired food metabolism making it easier to increase blood sugar levels. The effects can be deadly, ranging from the difficulty to heal wounds to the failure of kidney function and heart attacks.