Lack of Sleep Cause Obesity


Lack of Sleep obesityLack of sleep at night does not give any benefits for your health. Not only does it make you tired, but it can also make you become overweight which leads to obesity. There are many reasons why staying up late makes you fat. According to a research shich was done by researchers from the Mayo Clinic in Rochester Minnesota, it was found that sleep deprivation experienced by the volunteers made them consume more calories.

The participants who were involved  in this study was 17 men and young women who are healthy. The scientists studied them for eight nights. Some of the participants slept normally while others slept only two-thirds of their normal time. Participants can also eat as much as they like, during the study period.

“We did tests whether the lack of sleep alters hormone levels of leptin and ghrelin (which has to do with appetite), the increased amount of food consumed and energy burned in the activities that is done,” says Virend Somers, professor of cardiovascular disease and drugs in the Mayo Clinic, according to the Daily Mail.

The study group that lacks sleeping, or those who slept 1 hour and 20 minutes less than the other group, on average consume 549 extra calories per day. While the amount of energy used for activities does not change significantly between the groups. This indicates that those who sleeps less do not burn the extra calories they consume.

“Lack of sleep is a growing problem. Approximately 28 percent of adults currently is reported to only sleep six hours or less each night, “said Andrew D. Calvin, assistant researcher and assistant professor at the Mayo Clinic.

However, the scientists emphasize that though lack of sleep at night is something important and something that can be prevented to avoid obesity, this research is still only a small in scope. “Greater research involving more people in their home environments can help to confirm our findings,” said Calvin.

Lack of sleep should be avoided by everyone no matter their age. It was previously known that lack of sleep affect children’s achievements. In another case, research had proven that sleep deprivation lowers men sexual desire.  Therefor people should get enough rest at night for a healthier body.