Lack of sleep makes children naughty and difficult to control


Lack of sleep makes children naughty and difficult to controlDoes your children behave naughty and difficult to control they behavior? Yous should blame yourself for not teaching them how to sleep better, well this is according to a leading UK psychologist.

Tanya Byron, a UK leading psychologist, says that lack of sleep in children can lead to behavior problems.

Parents who fail to teach their children how to get a good night’s sleep, can increase the risk of a child being difficult to control and hyperactive.

Poor sleep habits are also detrimental to children and young adults who often have sleep disturbances at night.

“65 percent of people who experience sleep deprivation can significantly increase the behavior of hyperactivity and other behavioral problems, and damage to physical and mental development,” said Tanya, as reported by the Daily Mail (9/3).

Tanya also added that the issue of lack of sleep generally comes from parents who do not teach good sleep behavior, and let the kids stay up too late. In a previous research it was also known that lack of sleep can affect children’s achievement. So it is best for you to teach you children to sleep on time and wake up on time as well.

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