LASIK, a new hope for people who ware glasses

LASIK, a new hope for people who ware glasses

For those of you who decreased vision capabilities, the glasses are your helpers. Often for eyeglass wearers event of a complaint which states that the glasses can make them freely in the move. Glasses make their activities are limited.

In response to this, the medical world continues to innovate. The scientists managed to find new hope for eyeglass wearers with LASIK surgery or laser in-situ keratomileusis. Eye surgeons of India, Dr. Rajeev Jain explains that lasik surgery done by reshaping the cornea, the outer layer of the human eye. This formation process depends on visual impairments experienced by the patient.

“Along with the development, current LASIK surgery can be performed using a laser beam. So that makes operations more effective and error will be minimal,” he added. “LASIK surgery is to be performed by an eye surgeon. This procedure is very fast, precise, and does not require bandages or stitches. The process of postoperative recovery was also rapid.”

The side effects of LASIK itself is extremely rare. However, in some cases, the patient will feel discomfort in their eyes or dryness in the eyes.

“The minimum age to perform LASIK surgery was 18 years old. And remember, you should do it with the eye surgeon,” he concluded

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