Laughing Has Similar Effects with Exercise


laughing boysExercise keeps your body fit. However, if you do not have time to do it, could you make your body fit just by laughing? A U.S. study reveals that laughing has similar effect with exercise.

Based on a study conducted by a number of researchers from Loma Linda University Schools of Allied Health, laughing not only able to lower production of stress hormones, but also boost immunity, lower cholesterol, and blood pressure.

The study involved 14 healthy volunteers for three weeks. To see the effects of laughing, they were asked to select and watch a video duration of 20 minutes. Some got a humor genre (eustress), others got movies that trigger tension (distress). During the study, researchers routinely measure blood pressure, also took blood samples from each volunteer before and after watching the movie.

The results show that volunteers who watched the thrilling movies have no change beneficially. Meanwhile, those who watched funny videos experienced changes in blood pressure and improved health conditions.

“These results show a variety of modulation and the response of the body due to repeated laughter have the same effect of regular exercise,” said Dr. Lee S. Berk, an expert in psychoneuroimmunology, which is involved in the study. Study results was presented at the ‘Experimental Biology’ 2010 conference.