Lazy to clean the house makes women at risk of obesity


Lazy to clean the house makes women at risk of obesityModern women increasingly rarely do activity of cleaning the house. Consequently, they could be at risk of overweight to obese, according to recent research.

In 1965, the average women spent 26 hours every week for cooking, cleaning, and washing dishes or clothes. But now, women only spent half of the time.

“Actually, we’re trying to find what changes in the environment that leads to obesity,” said lead researcher Edward Archer of the University of South Carolina, as quoted by The Daily News.

Archer also added that the work of women who demanded to sit for long periods and rarely clean the house is suspected to be the cause of obesity.

Cases of obesity is increasing for the last decade, especially in the United States. Quite an irony, given there are still many poor countries where the population is actually still hungry.

Researchers also warned that lazy moving habits of pregnant women not only endanger the health of the mother, but also the baby.

“In addition to women, men too lazy to move are also a lot. That is a factor of the obesity epidemic today,” said Archer.