Learn a Foreign Language For a Better Memory


forgetTo keep the brain to work optimally, there are many things you can do. One way is by learning a foreign language.

According to a research team from the United States, in the Science Journal, knowledge of foreign languages can prolong the youthfulness of the brain.

Uniquely, this is found especially in women. Apparently, if a woman mastered at least two foreign languages, it could help her maintain a clear mind and good memory until they get old.

According to Genius Beauty, researchers attempted to link the fact that the female brain is influenced by a greater stress and consequently an increase in the efficiency of the brain.

As an illustration of the study, the researchers mentioned the examples of people who lived in one district in New Guinea. Those who mastered many foreign languages, from five to 15 languages, the performance of the brain in old aged people there are equal to the average person aged 30-35 years old.