Learn more about children with Autism


Does your baby have a sense of interest in another world? If your child do so, there is a chances he’s suffering from autism. You better act immediately.

At first glance this looks very normal child, but children with autism have a different behavior from other kids. Cause no other because of their central nervous system is not perfect growing, so they too have difficulty in understanding language, learning, and communicate. It takes extra diligence and patience for parents who have children with autism.

Director of Intervention Services for Autism Development Delay Disorder (ISADD) based in Australia, Jura Tender admitted, how difficult to detect autism in early stage. Because the baby looks physically healthy. Over time, parents just see the slightest difference.

For example children do not talk too much, do not like being touched, and his body position is often strange. The problem is, many parents who do not pay too much attention at the same time caring for it. They then take it as a natural phenomena. “In fact, parents should be quick to act and face this reality. Do not let the already severe conditions of children just because their parents consider it lightly, “said Jura.

At least there are some criteria for autism that can be addressed. Children with autism have problems in social interaction, among the low ability to interact socially through nonverbal communication, such as eye contact, facial expressions, and body movement. Children were not able to interact socially in a group of kids his age should.

They are also not able to react socially and emotionally for what happened. For example not able to show sympathy when others grieve or do not reply when hugged. Children with autism had experienced delays or the inability to speak, the language used tends to repetitive, rigid, unique, and somewhat strange. Those who suffer from autism are often engaged in activities, acted, love to repeat the same action,  and limited. Like a sense of interest which tends abnormal in terms of focus and intensity of an activity that is limited. Call it a habit to repeat a scene from the film or video continuously without stopping or walking in a circle.

Or maybe the child has a regular habit that must be followed and are often not significant. Like having to go through a certain path to school or just want to sleep with the use of certain clothes.

Indeed, autism is a complex developmental disorder in children. Often the symptoms appear before the child reaches the age of three years. According to a study in America, autism occurs more or less in 10 children from 10,000 births. The possibility of four times more frequently in boys than girls.

Genetic factors are known as one of the possible occurrence of autism. However, until now there has been no mention of further research whether these genetic factors derived from the father or mother. Both have the same opportunities. Only, the nature of autism is more evident in male siblings from the mother or father, if there is one characteristic of autism in these families.

The main cause of this disorder until the present moment is still under investigation by experts. However, in addition to genetic factors, the following factors cited as triggers of this disease, namely, heavy metal poisoning, the MMR (Mumps, Measles, Rubella), environmental pollution, allergies to certain foods such as wheat and dairy products, as well as complications before and after childbirth.

Parents of children with these disorders to perform therapy on a regular basis. Finding the appropriate therapy for children is a long journey indeed. Parents need to know what is needed and what is available to meet their needs.

Appropriate therapy is a therapy that erode the limitations of children, involving children, has been proven legitimate, measurable results, considering the strengths and limitations, and using things that are liked by children.

Appropriate therapy would likely make family life less stressful because the kids have started to be able to independently and interact with family members.

What parents need to remember is, whether or not the therapy suitable for children is determined by the needs and abilities of the child. So, we encourage parents to find out, make a list of needs, as well as the limitations and strengths of the child.

For this therapy, the experts suggested that autistic children are given therapy for 25-40 hours a week. This is not a problem, because in general children with autism do not experience physical developmental disorders that still need to be stimulated.

The duration of child therapy, you could say until he is able to independently and participate in their social environment. All of this is determined by the ability of children and parents. If the child is able to implement or achieve the target of therapy without having to be reminded or directed, not only in therapeutic classes but also at home, so he spelled out already capable and competent.