Left-handed people have these 6 unique facts


Left-handed people has these 6 unique facts

During this time the right hand is part of the hand is most often used to move. While the left hand is considered as supporters. But apparently one of 10 people often use their left hand to move or commonly referred to as left-handed.

Many thought that says that those who are left-handed are considered more intelligent and creative than their peers. Is this correct? Reporting from care2.com, this is the real facts about left-handed.

  • Do you often hear the lefties have a shorter lifespan than right-handed people? Well, it is in fact incorrect. Because there is absolutely no relation between handedness with age.
  • Lefty is not necessarily smarter than the peers of their right hand, but they have a distinct advantage in some kind of intelligence. For example, left-handed people usually score higher than those of normal in spatial skills, the ability to process multiple pieces of information at once and adjust to new ways of thinking, as well as more innovation.
  • They were born twins have 2 times more likely to lefty.
  • Not only human, some animal turned out to be left-handed.
  • A study conducted by researchers at the Yale Child Study Center found a surprising relationship between handedness and schizophrenia. Although only about 10 percent of the general population who are left-handed, left-handed 40 percent of people experiencing schizophrenia.
  • Until now still not clear why the results found could be a left-handed person. Some researchers found that genetic become one factor

That’s some unique facts about lefties who had rarely for you to know. Interesting is not it?

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