Lettuce, low-calorie vegetable that is full of nutrients


lettuce benefitsIf you want to lose weight, do not be lazy to eat lettuce. This vegetable is very low in calories but high in nutrients. Consider the health benefits of lettuce more, as quoted from Care2 below.

Low calorie and low fat
One serving or one cup of lettuce contains only 12 calories. Therefore, this vegetable is best eaten if you want to lose weight.

Lose weight
Lettuce is rich in fiber and cellulose. In addition to making full, fiber is good for digestion. While the smooth digestion is an important key of losing weight.

Good for the heart
The content of vitamin C and beta-carotene in lettuce works together to prevent the oxidation of cholesterol. So eating lettuce can also protect heart health.

Omega-3 fatty acids
Do not really like fish? Get your intake of omega-3 fatty acids from eating a healthy lettuce.

High Protein
Who says  protein are only found in eggs and meat? The proof is that lettuce also contains high protein.

There is a white liquid that can be found in lettuce leaves when cutting it. Apparently the liquid has soothing properties similar to opium and its capable of dealing with the problem of insomnia.

Neutralize acid
Mineral content in lettuce helps the body remove toxins and neutralize acid in all organs. Acid balance itself is often associated with stable energy, smart thinking, sleep, and healthy skin.

Low glycemic index
Levels of  glycemic index in lettuce is 15, because the calories are so low. Foods with a low glycemic index is best eaten for people with diabetes or high blood sugar.

Eaten raw
Lettuce can be enjoyed by steaming, stir-fried, or grilled. However, like other vegetables, it is best when eaten raw.

Another benefit of lettuce is that it is a delicious vegetable. So it’s not just the nutrients offered by the lettuce, but also the sensation of sweetness as a vegetable.

That is lettuce, low-calorie vegetable that is full of nutrients. Do you also love to eat vegetables?

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