Like to play video games make kids become rude?


Kids play video gamesRecent studies have found that violent video games is as addictive as drugs.

“This (video game) affects the same pleasure centers in the brain that makes people want to always come back,” said Dr Michael Fraser, a clinical psychologist at Weill Cornell Medical College, as reported by the New York Daily News (24/3).

It is also delivered by Dr. Kimberly Young, a psychologist and founder of the Center for Online and Internet Addiction in Bradford, Pennsylvania, USA.

Kimberly says that behavior on alcohol and the Internet have the same pattern. Children are the most vulnerable to addiction to video games and they could turn aggressive when the “drug” (video game) is  taken. Children can become abusive, both physically and verbally.

Kimberly also found that addicted to video games, especially violent games, trigger aggressive behavior in children that makes kids start acting rude such as hitting parents or their friends at school.

Video game and Internet addiction usually indicate other mental problems including anxiety, depression and difficulty to build healthy relationships with others.

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