Lingonberry, Swedish fruit that can lower blood pressure


Lingonberry health benefits

You may not have never heard the name of this fruit, but researchers revealed that the Swedish fruit called lingonberry contain chemicals that can lower high blood pressure. Not only that, lingonberry can also prevent heart attacks.

Researchers from the University of Helsinki in Finland revealed that lingonberry is rich in chemicals that can lower blood pressure and make the heart healthier. It was discovered after they conducted experiments on mice.

Researchers fed mice which had high blood pressure with lingonberry juice for eight weeks. During the study, scientists recorded the blood pressure and heart rate the mice. As a result, they know that these mice decreased blood pressure and heart rate.

“To our knowledge, this is the first study to examine the effects of lingonberry juice on blood pressure and heart function,” said researcher as reported by the Daily Mail (21/07).

Lingonberry is known to contain chemicals called polyphenols flanovol that are good for blood pressure and heart health. This material may lower the chances of heart attack.

Lingonberry name actually comes from Sweden, but the fruit can be found in Finland or other Nordic countries. Lingonberry is a red round shaped and small fruit, but contain more fluid than cranberry.