List of Foods That Could Have Poison In It


eggs bacteriaFood is an energy source with important nutrients for the body. However, behind its benefits, a number of foods potentially store toxins that can harm the body.

The following are a series of food that could poison the body if taken without regard to the conditions and good processing.

Like other foods, eggs can also be contaminated with harmful bacteria such as Salmonella. Therefore, get used to always buy eggs from the store that is clean and credible. After washing the surface with clean water, refrigerate immediately. Cook eggs until it is cooked before eating them. For those who are accustomed to eating raw or undercooked eggs, they should be wary because the bacterial infection can trigger the symptoms of severe poisoning.

This species of fish are susceptible to be contaminated with scombrotoxin, which can cause cramping and headaches. Make sure to save tuna in cold areas, if necessary, on the surface of ice. Storage area that is too hot will stimulate the release of toxins that is difficult to lose through cooking process. Avoid eating undercooked tuna fish without knowing the conditions of storage before processing.

Oysters and other shellfish species are known as foods that is most potentially to keep poison from the location. If caught from polluted waters, the shells were most likely also have been contaminated with poison. And when it enters the body, could lead to reactions such as vomiting, fever, and diarrhea. Be careful when buying oysters or clams.

Potatoes contain natural toxin, which are solanine and chaconine. These toxins are generally contained in green potatoes, sprouts, and has been physically damaged or decayed. Concentrated in areas that are green, on the skin, or areas under the skin. Therefore, avoid processing potatoes that are young or greenish.

Most are most vulnerable to be contaminated by bacteria such as Salmonellaor Listeria. In extremely rare casesm it can cause miscarriages of pregnant women who eat them. That’s why pregnant women are advised to avoid consumption of cheese from the market. And for cheese enthusiast, get used to buying supermarket branded products in well-sealed and have expiration date.

Susceptibleto be contaminated by Cyclospora bacterial, which can lead to cramping, dehydration and diarrhea. That is why there are some people who are allergic to fruits such as strawberries, raspberries, and blackberries.