Listening to Mozart makes the mind more focused!

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Listening to Mozart makes the mind more focused!

Some people drink coffee to boost concentration. Some chewing gum or listening to music. Each person may have their own way to improve focus, but recent research suggests that Mozart’s music is the best.

Listening to Mozart are known to increase the ability of the brain and helps the mind to be more focused, as reported by the latest research. This study shows that listening to Mozart can increase the minuet of the brain’s ability to both adults and young children. This music can help them concentrate and complete tasks.

“Music evolved to help relieve the stress that can interfere with human cognitive abilities,” said Professor Nobuo Masataka of japan’s Kyoto University and Dr. Leonard Perlovsky of Harvard University who led the study.

Researchers found these results after observing 35 children aged eight and nine years and 25 adults aged 65 to 75 years were asked to perform a Stroop test, as reported by the Daily Mail (01/07).

This test is useful for testing the strength of a person’s mental and mind by asking them to name the color of the paper that mentions a different color. Suppose a word ‘red’ written in blue. Participants are asked to name the color of the text, which is blue, not red.

As a result, both groups managed to identify and take tests well and quickly when they listened to Mozart’s music is original. When compared with other types of soothing music, the result is no better than Mozart’s music.

Results of this study showed additional evidence that Mozart’s music can help improve a person’s intellect and concentration, both young and old. Previous research has shown that Mozart’s music does have benefits for the brain. The researchers call the ‘Mozart Effect’.

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