Listening to music can reduce pain


Listening to music can reduce painMusic not only gives you peace and consolation during stress. A recent study found that music can even relieve physical pain experienced by a person.

Researchers at the University of Alberta found new evidence that music can change a person’s acceptance of pain. this was discovered after they carried out tests on 42 children aged between three and 11 years. The children came to the hospital to get an IV.

One group of children fitted with drip while listening to music, while others without listening to music. Researchers then measured levels of stress, the pain they felt, as well as heart rate. Researchers also measured the level of satisfaction of parents and nurses in charge of setting up the infusion.

“We found differences in these groups. Children who listens to music feel less pain when infused,” said lead researcher Dr. Lisa Hartling, as reported by the Daily Mail (16/07).

Hartling explains that playing music when children undergoing painful medical treatments can be an easy and not expensive way to help them. If children feel less pain, they will feel more calm and not stressed. Parents are more satisfied with the care given to their children.

Approximately 76 percent of nurses who work with children who listen to music say that the infusion process run smoothly and easily. While only 38 percent of nurses who work with children do not listen to music that claim the same thing.