Live Longer by Doing Mediterranean Diet


Those who do Mediterranean diet and combine with with exercise and not smoking can live healthy for 15 years more.

This conclusion is made by researchers from the University of Maastricht. The research took 10 years involving 120 thousand respondents men and women with an average aged of 55 to 69 years in 1986. Mediterranean Diet relies on the consumption of vegetables, olive oil, nuts, fish, grains, and low in meat, and alcohol.

The effect of this diet can bee seen clearly in women. Women respondents can live 15 years longer than those who at least are in a healthy condition. Meanwhile, male respondents can live eight years longer.

The researchers say that the Mediterranean diet is able to control the four lifestyle factors of society, thereby significantly reducing the risk of premature death. Published in American Journal of Clinical Nutrition, the researchers calculated the value of a healthy lifestyle based on smoking habits of respondents, weight loss, exercise, and diet in which they live.

Researchers also continue to monitor their health until 1996. It was found that combining the Mediterranean diet with exercise and other healthy lifestyle can reduce the risk of death.

“There are only a few researches in the world that analyze the relationship between a combination of lifestyle and mortality in this way,” said Piet van den Brandt, professor of epidemiology at the University of Maastricht, according to the Daily Mail.

“In the Mediterranean diet, nuts, vegetables, and the fewer alcohol intake have the greatest impact on lower mortality rates,” he said.