Living Near a Gas Station Increase Cancer Risks

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The next time you plan to get a new house, you should consider its distance from the nearest gas station. According to research, cancer risk may increase if we live within a distance of less than 300 feet from the gas station.

The research conducted by experts from the University of Murcia in Spain revealed that the minimum distance between homes with a gas station is 50 yards. Less than that distance, the level of air pollution can endanger health.

The research was published recently in the Journal of Environmental Management

For some types of public facilities that require pollution-free environment, the recommended ideal distance is 2 times the number that is 100 yards. The facilities includes hospitals, schools and houses for the elderly (seniors).

At that distance, the level of air pollution by benzene vapor from the fuel are considered safe for humans. Benzene vapor is a fuel component which easily evaporates, which is one of the carcinogens or carcinogenic when inhaled by breathing.

“In urban environments where the degree of air pollution most often caused by traffic, contamination of pollutants in the area around the gas station was observed higher than average,” said one researcher, Marta Doval, according to the Telegraph.

According to the researchers, benzene vapor contamination is caused by evaporation of fuel during the process of filling the fuel tank. In addition, leaks also cause the spread of benzene vapor.

Besides influenced by distance, it also influenced by other factors. Among them are how many vehicles which refuels at the station, the gas station building structure and also the weather.

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