Living with grandparents can make children fat


Living with grandparents can make children fatChildren who lives with their grandparents are prone to weight gain, according to new research.

The researcher also explained that the presence of grandparents who are less active and like to indulge their grandchild is the cause of why the child can be obese if they live together.

A total of 9,000 families are involved in Finland’s long-term research. Researchers also focused on children aged nine months to three years. The child’s weight was then compared to family background.

“Staying with a grandma and grandpa makes children have five times more risks of becoming fat. Because they like to spoil their grandchildren,” said researcher Dr. Antti Tanskanen from the University of Helsinkie.

As reported by the Daily Mail, children who are raised by their grandparents between the ages of nine months to three years will have increased body weight higher than those cared by their own parents.

In addition, grandparents are also not able to physically move well. So that the child could not live a healthy lifestyle in order to maintain their fitness.

Previously, a lot of research says that obese parents also reduce similar cases in children. But now it turns out that grandparents also play a role in the risk of childhood obesity.