Loneliness is more deadly than obesity


LonelinessUnloved and loneliness turns out to give a worse effect than the effect of excess weight or obesity on health. A study revealed that loneliness is even two times more dangerous than obesity.

Feeling lonely, separated from loved ones, can increase blood pressure to a dangerous stage and trigger heart attacks and strokes. Not only that, a sense of loneliness can also weaken the immune system and increase the likelihood of depression, this is as reported by the Daily Mail.

These results were found by professor of psychology, John Cacioppo, after spending 20 years of his time studying the impact of loneliness on 2,000 men aged 50 years and over. Professor Cacioppo did observations on the participants for six years. He found that men who feel lonely has doubled the risk of death compared with men who are with a family. This means that the sense of loneliness is two times more lethal than obesity.

Loneliness can also disrupt sleep and make people feel tired the following day. Professor Cacioppo of the University of Chicago found that people who feel lonely more often awakened during sleep. This is because the sense of loneliness makes them more alert to threat and easily awakened by little things at night.

Researchers also found that it is more likely to occur in people who are old and who already have retired. Therefore, for all those who will retire, researchers suggested to remain close to their family and remain actively in communicating with others.

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