Long Sleep on Weekends is Not Effective to Restore Body Condition


man sleep on weekendsWeekends are always awaited. Especially for workers who often work overtime. Usually they would have long sleeps on Saturdays and Sundays. Is it effective? Apparently not.

According to a research by Penn State College of Medicine, United States, long sleep on weekends is not effective to restore the condition of the body which is tired and sleep deprived.

The study included men and young women as respondents. They were asked to sleep for 13 nights in the laboratory. In the first four nights, they slept for eight hours. Six nights later, they are limited only to sleep for six hours. Then, the last three days they slept more than 10 hours.

The result show that after lack of sleep, the reward of a long sleep in the last three days did not affect much. “After a little sleep, two nights of recovery was sufficient to reduce drowsiness, but not the body condition,” said the head of this research, Alexandros Vgontzas, according to the Times of India.

According Vgontzas long sleep on weekends after a busy work is not enough to restore cognitive function due to lack of sleep. Vgontzas added that those who lack sleeping and then sleeps longer on weekends also feels dizzy, slow, and sloppy when working.