Look for the Right Doctor


the right doctor for youNo one likes going to a doctor. But going to the doctor is not supposed to be a painful experience if you know how to choose the right doctor.

Sometimes, you like a doctor but have to wait three hours because the queue of patients are very much. Understandably, the doctor had become a favorite for many patients who likes the way he works. But on the contrary, sometimes you get a fast line but not sure the doctor can be fun. You are not even sure he could remember your name after you introduce yourself.

Indeed, your worries is not about health. But, we certainly understand that treating physical pain doctors also need psychological support. Sure, a lot of time is wasted in waiting, unfriendly nurses, and inefficient performance of doctors who could be a consideration for you to find another doctor. Although, for example, you only need a very short time to meet them.

According to The Stir, a isĀ  a recently published article titled “Surviving Your Doctor”, in Women’s Health. In it, they showed the horrific stories about doctors missed diagnosed, even some of them can turn deadly if the woman did not follow their instincts that something was wrong with the doctor.

According to the article, there are some very important thing to remember, which are:

1. Doctors are not God wrapped in white coats. Do not over glamorize them.

2. Do not be ashamed to mention all the symptoms you feel. No matter how disgusting or shameful, they’ve probably seen it before and if not, a good doctor will see it as an opportunity to learn.

3. Learn the symptoms of your illness and always ask for an alternative diagnosis. Let’ s say you experience a sore throat, also ask what other meaningsĀ  of the symptoms, is there a more serious problem.

4. If something feels wrong, ask for an opinion from another physician as a second opinion. A good doctor will be very happy to give another name as your reference.