Look out, these 6 people can Spread influenza!

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Disease from viruses, such as influenza, colds, or cough are easily transmitted. Just by being around people who have flu or a cold, you can be infected. The Huffington Post (27/12) suggests that you become aware of these six people who can transmit influenza.

1. Supermarket cashier
You certainly know that people who have a cold or flu often use their hands, whether to wipe or just touch their nose, mouth, and others. Supermarket cashier who are likely to transmit influenza flu virus through giving change, credit cards, receipts, or even the foods you buy. How to avoid this is simply using a hand sanitizer after you hold objects that have been touched. Also, do not touch your face, nose, or mouth with contaminated hands which may have germs.

2. Coworkers
If your colleagues have flu, it is most likely the virus will spread for sure. At work, almost everything you touch must have been touched by someone else. In addition, air-conditioning and elevators are also very possible to be the cause of the spread of the virus. How do you prevent it? Protect yourself using hand sanitizer. If you know there is a sick co-workers on the elevator, you should use the stairs.

3. Boss
There are times when a boss is happy to speak in close to his employees. Although not touching, speaking close can cause you to catch influenza. If you know the manager or supervisor is being exposed to flu, you should not stand or sit too close to them.

4. Children
Spending time with the children or with student (if you are a teacher) can also make you catch influenza. Children often do not cover their mouth when sneezing or coughing. Not only that, the virus of the children can spread on objects they touch. To prevent this, you can apply the hand washing habits in children before starting the lesson or activity.

5. Partner
Sharing a bed with a partner will enhance the possibility to share flu virus. Not to mention if you also share the bathroom, and other objects. Maybe you can help by not sharing a bed during flu. However, you can also prevent it by cleaning equipment using a disinfectant so that viruses and germs do not spread.

6. Stewardess
When traveling by plane, it is quite possible the beautiful and friendly flight attendants passes the virus to you. Being in a room can make the virus likely to spread. But the virus is also likely to spread through touch or goods provided by flight attendants to you.

If the people above have flu, do preventive measures before they transmit the flu virus on you.

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