Lose weight by drinking lemon tea!

Lose weight by drinking lemon tea!

Lemon tea is commonly known as a refreshing drink containing vitamins and favored by many people. But besides that, it turns out that lemon tea also have other benefits for you who are looking to lose weight.

The study revealed that lemon tea can help you lose weight by reducing the amount of calories consumed each day. Lemon tea also contains phytochemicals that help prevent various diseases such as heart disease, diabetes, cancer, and osteoporosis.

So, how can lemon tea help lose weight? This is how, as reported by Health Me Up (21/10).

1. Stress
Vitamin C in lemon will reduce levels of cortisol stress hormone. Cortisol is known to trigger the accumulation of fat in the stomach for men and women. This is because stress will trigger the hormones and makes people eat more. The study revealed that women who experience stress will usually become easier get fat. Vitamin C obtained from lemon tea will help you prevent the accumulation of fat by reducing stress levels.

2. Body Detox
The citric acid in lemon can improve digestion and remove toxins from the kidneys and liver. in addition, citric acid will also address the level of acidity in the digestive system. Citric acid is important to make the body function properly to prevent bloating and constipation. Lemon tea is also known to remove excess sodium which causes bloating and help lose weight.

3. Fat
Lemon cachetins increases absorption, like antioxidants presented in green tea. The combination of lemon and green tea will make your body absorb cachetins three times faster in the bloodstream. Cachetins will increase the burning of fat in the abdomen. Nitric acid also reduce the absorption of sugar from food, because it would also reduce the amount of sugar that is absorbed and converted into fat.

4. Calories
Lemon tea without sugar and cream has fewer calories. You can drink it in large quantities and do not have to worry about the number of calories consumed.

Those are some ways lemon tea can help you lose weight. But before drinking lemon tea make sure that you consume it not mixed with sugar, cream, or milk. Ice lemon tea or warm lemon tea has the same efficacy for weight loss. But be sure to only drink one to two cups per day, not too much.

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