Lose Weight with Cinnamon


cinnamon loose weightCinnamon has a very distinctive aroma and taste. Not only does it make food and drinks taste better, but it also can make the body metabolism becomes more fluent.

Based on a research by the U.S. Department of Agriculture in 2004, cinnamon can improve the body’s metabolic processes. Consumption of cinnamon increases metabolism in fat cells 20 times faster.

Metabolism is the body process of converting food into energy. A faster metabolism will help you burn more calories. This certainly supports the weight-loss program.

Cinnamon can also prevent a person to consume too much high-calorie foods. “Cinnamon reduces the desire to eat more and make sense of satiety last longer,” said Ann Kulze, MD, member of the Wellness Councils of America.

Consumption of cinnamon makes the digestive process slower so that satiety lasts longer. Kulze recommends to use half to one teaspoon of cinnamon powder to increase metabolism and lose weight.

Cinnamon powder mixture can be added to drinks such as tea or chocolate and foods such as breads or other dishes. But, do not consume too much.

Source: Sheknows