Lose weight with these 9 easy ways!


Lose weight with these 9 easy ways!

Hunger is one enemy of people who are dieting. Therefore, eating foods that make full faster is one of the way often used by many people. Controlling hunger is also important for a successful diet.

To be able to lose weight, there are tricks that can make your appetite decreases and you can feel full faster. Want to know? Try doing these tips by App for Health (06.10) below.

1. Eat a fish. One study found that fish is more satisfying than eating beef or chicken.

2. Turn off the air conditioner. The body that is cold makes you feel hungry faster. Conversely warm body will decrease your appetite. Therefore, turn off the AC and let your body warm to suppress hunger.

3. Eat eggs for breakfast. Protein-rich breakfast will reduce hunger hormone production compared with a breakfast rich in carbohydrates.

4 Eat whole grains. Eating whole grains will make you full faster because the intact fibers in it.

5. Eating calories. Do not drink calories, but eat foods that contain a lot of calories. liquid calories are not satiating and makes you eat more. Therefore, avoid full-calorie drinks as well as soda or alcohol.

 6. Use smaller eating utensils. Using tableware such as plates and small bowls will make you full faster than eating meals using large equipments.

7 Do not eat while watching television. A study suggests that people who eat while working or watching television will consume 50 percent more calories.

8 Use blue equipment. A study showed that the color blue can suppress appetite. Use the blue colored tableware to decrease your appetite.

9 Be a vegetarian. Vegetarian foods are filled with fiber and foods that contain fewer calories such as fruits vegetables, grains, nuts. A study revealed that vegetarians are more successful losing weight than people who eat beef, chicken, and dairy products.

Those are some easy ways you can do to suppress  appetite and satiety in order to lose weight. Good luck!